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Freebie King - FAQ

Q: How often do you send a newsletter?

A: The only way you can receive our newsletter is if you sign up and confirm your email address in the conformation email.

We send our newsletters out when we have quality stuff to send our subscribers, usually about twice a month.

Our newsletters will always clearly state that it is from Freebie

The subject line will usually be newsletter and the date it was sent. However this may differ if the email is not a newsletter and is an announcement or other type of information.

Q: Why do I need to join the mailing list to get free samples?

A: Free samples and internet free offers change quickly. We feel that our free newsletter is the best way to provide you with the opportunity to get free product samples in your hands before they expire.

Q: Dose Freebie King really give away totally free prizes?

A: Yes, Freebie King from time to time will give away free prizes. Each one of our sweepstakes is valid, and the rules are defined in our official sweepstakes rules.

Q: Dose Freebie King really send free stuff via e-mail?

A: No, We send you links to other sites that offer free stuff or sweepstakes and special deals.

Q: Will my information be shared or sold?

A: No! the information you give Freebie King is used only by us to send you our freebie newsletter and send out our sweepstakes prizes. However we link to other sites from Freebie King. Our site and newsletter is a list of freebies and special deals found on the Internet. Our links are provided to users and users link at their own risk. We do not share information with link partners, and we are not responsible for their offers or any information you may give them.

Q: I click a link but nothing happens, What's wrong?

A: Some offers open in a new window. If you are using a pop up blocker it will stop the link from working,

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