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Freebie King Anti-Spam Policy.

About our newsletter.

What is spam?

Spam (unsolicited commercial e-mail) is an email message that you send to someone when they did not ask for it.

There are many kinds of spamming. Posting irrelevant messages on newsgroups, usenet, message board, chat sites, forums, etc.

What is our anti-spam policy?

We have zero tolerance towards spam; we do not participate in spamming activities. If you spam in any way, your FreebieKing membership will be terminated, and all sweepstakes entries will be removed.

About our newsletter.

The only way you can receive our newsletter is if you sign up and confirm your email address in the conformation email.

We send our newsletters out when we have quality stuff to send our subscribers, usually about twice a month.

Our newsletters will always clearly state that it is from Freebie

The subject line will usually be newsletter and the date it was sent. However this may differ if the email is not a newsletter and is an announcement or other type of information.

Do you have problems unsubscribing?

If you have problems unsubscribing to our newsletter, please Contact Us regarding this matter. It is most likely due to a software glitch; we will remove you imminently.

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